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What people have to say

The rendering of the graphic expression of a letter taken alone and next to the other is an aesthetic process, equal in power to the rendering of a work of art.

Vassil Yontchev

Bojidar Yonov, Head of the Art Academy - Sofia

"There is no other Bulgarian company, which can offer font software products on such high professional level as HermesSOFT. I gladly keep up with every new edition of its library and I do use the fonts offered by the company. This is due to the right choice of HermesSOFT to work with some of the best Bulgarian designers in the field of typeface. The constant problem in typography when using at the same time Latin and Cyrillic alphabets from one and the same type family here just ceases to exist. HermesSOFT is a beam in the darkness of mediocrity and amateur performances surrounding us today. Our Alphabet is the product we are consuming every day without noticing. It is the thing we can be proud of."

Theodore Ushev, graphic designer
He has won for three years in a row
the great graphic design and layout competition of COREL Corporation.

"The graphic language of the Cyrillic alphabet is not the most attractive one for typography. But when we are speaking of the aesthetic effect of typeface in contemporary Bulgarian graphic, the only sanctuary saving us from the discouraging ugliness, are the typefaces, created by HermesSOFT. They are clearly rendered, both aesthetically and graphically, and are the only computer fonts with Cyrillic versions, which I need not correct additionally with FontoGrapher, for example. As a matter of fact, it seems that these are the only Bulgarian fonts I use with pleasure (including their Latin versions) and which I am not forced to stash at the corners of my designs. And although not so many in number, they are sufficient for any task I undertake. For example: with the four styles of HS Grotesk art deco and psychedelic and constructivism can be created at one and the same time, as well as the postmodern new wave of the nineties."

Gerasim Y. Slavov, Creative Director, Leo Burnett Bulgaria

"Typography usually is shamelessly underestimated as a means of expression and often we hear the argument that there aren't enough typefaces with Cyrillic characters.
Well, the work of HermesSoft effectively cancels that argument, turning Bulgarian letters into something so beautiful that Garamond, Fournier, or Baskerville would hardly mind adding a "" or a "" to their fonts."

Emil Zahariev, Art Director of 'EGOIST' magazine.

I would not like to speak about HermesSOFT typefaces from the position of a professional. I am not. I could, however, speak about them as a sponger, because I accomplish my work mostly with them. I use HS Garamond as a body-text in Egoist; HS Grotesk in captions and often in titles. Both typefaces are exceptionally elegant and very well balanced. Fresco is splendidly ornamented, with beautiful serifs and has a good section. It is a big advantage that HermesSOFT typefaces are created by designers, not by engineers. You may put immense effort, when working with the illustration; you may spend quite a long time wondering about the colors. You may even perfectly well compose the page. But in the long run the typefaces are the element from the design that will be a pleasure to the eye as a final result. It is said that if you cannot figure out a certain design - it simply occurs. But how? I will be damned if I know.
updated 1/24/11